Your 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Specialists

We’re a leading provider of vehicle recovery services, specializing in retrieving vehicles from various challenging situations, including impound lots, ditches, snow, mud, and even remote locations. Our experienced and certified tow truck operators are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to handle even the most complex recovery operations, for your vehicle’s safe and efficient retrieval.

Impound Lot Recovery

We work closely with law enforcement agencies and property management companies to retrieve vehicles from impound lots, ensuring you can reclaim your vehicle promptly.

Ditch and Snow Recovery

Our tow trucks are equipped with powerful winches and specialized recovery equipment to safely extract vehicles from ditches, snowbanks, or other off-road situations.

Mud Removal

We have the expertise to recover vehicles that have become stuck in mud, utilizing our specialized equipment and techniques to minimize damage and ensure a safe recovery.

Remote Location Recovery

We can retrieve vehicles from remote or inaccessible locations, utilizing our extensive network of resources and expertise to overcome logistical challenges.

Specialized Recovery Services

We handle unique recovery situations, such as retrieving vehicles from underwater, overturned vehicles, and high-clearance recovery.

Armada Towing is your trusted partner for vehicle recovery, providing reliable, professional, and damage-free services. Our experienced team is committed to retrieving your vehicle safely and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring its safe return.

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